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    2. With over 50 years of experience in extrusion and the manufacturing of coated and laminated materials, we have evolved into an industry leader by constantly striving toward continued improvement in coating technology through innovation in equipment, resins, and operating practices.

      Custom Products

      Our custom products portfolio offers a diverse range of blown mono-layer and co-extrustion polyethylene bags and films to fit your business needs.

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      Stretch Films

      Our full line of stretch films is available in machine and hand-applied formats, with both formats providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for load retention.

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      Food Film & Packaging

      Keep freshness and flavor at their peak with our food film and packaging. We manufacture food film for the frozen, microwavable, meat, dairy, and bakery markets. Additionally, our food film manufacturing facilities are ISO and AIB certified.

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      Supermarket Films

      We produce food wrap films for the supermarket, case ready, foodservice, and household markets. Our food wrap films are available in all popular sizes and gauges to service most food applications.

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      Rigid Lens II?

      Rigid Lens II utilizes hybrid packaging—a combination of rigid and flexible—to provide customers with an innovative product that is backed by consumers.

      Benefits include:

      • User-friendly hinge designed to enable one hand access and ensures the lid stays open throughout use
      • Provides a hermetic seal and a consistent closure
      • High-speed die cut application on flow wrap

      Shrink Films

      We offer a complete line of shrink films adaptable to most shrink wrap and shrink bundling requirements.

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